Former Industrial Operations Site – Mid Atlantic

Development and implementation of a stabilization approach to treat marsh area formerly used as a shooting range.

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North-East Ferrous Foundry

A ferrous foundry located in the Northeast uses EnviroBlend 80/20 CS to treat dust contaminated with lead, cadmium, and zinc. EnviroBlend treats roughly 200 tons of dust annually by way of a duct injection method at a dosage rate of 12% to render dust non-hazardous according to the EPA Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP). [...]

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Ferrous Foundry in the South

A ferrous foundry in the South uses EnviroBlend CS Bulk to treat lead, cadmium, and zinc-contaminated dust from their cupola furnace. EnviroBlend is used by way of dust injection at a dosage rate of 10% and treats 2200 tons annually. This facility is regulated by the state. Interested in more stories like this? [...]

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Confidential Site – Indiana

Obtained a 28% reduction in leachable lead and a 26% reduction in leachable zinc.

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Copper Smelting Facility – Australia

Overall percentage of batches passing the TCLP after a single treatment exceeded 95 percent.

Copper Smelting Facility – Australia2024-03-19T17:52:43+00:00
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