EnviroBlend® continues to be the preferred reagent used in facilities dealing with heavy metal-contaminated industrial waste streams.

We also have dual-action chemistries that provide solutions for acid gas stack emissions.

In today’s regulatory environment, a facility cannot risk having problems with ineffective and inconsistent treatment. Our dedicated team is committed to making sure that clients are using the correct reagent and lowest-cost solution for meeting all regulatory treatment needs, with successful treatment passing TCLP, SPLP, and MEP leaching standards.

EnviroBlend® reagents are typically applied in-line with a process stream to stabilize heavy metals before hazardous waste is generated. We treat a variety of applications, from lead and cadmium in baghouse waste to more complex blends that neutralize acid gas stack emissions. The process is typically exempt from RCRA permitting, and the resulting material can be disposed of at a non-hazardous waste landfill.

In a wet scrubber system, EnviroBlend is most commonly applied before the clarifier, prior to the generation of filter cake. EnviroBlend also can be injected into baghouse ductwork. It will comingle with hazardous dust and render it non-hazardous.

Where treatment prior to the point of generation is not logistically possible, EnviroBlend may be used to treat wastes in tanks or containers. If you have not previously treated your hazardous waste in-line, you may have on-site disposal or a landfill that has become a liability. EnviroBlend products can be used to treat stockpiled waste in on-site or off-site locations.

EnviroBlend is ideal for industrial applications including:

  • Foundry operations
  • Battery production
  • Smelting operations
  • Scrap processing
  • Steel mill waste
  • Fly ash

EnviroBlend can be applied to:

Dry baghouses
Wet scrubber systems
Holding tanks
Landfill treatment

Let us be your total treatment solution for long-term stability.

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