Confidential Site – Indiana

Obtained a 28% reduction in leachable lead and a 26% reduction in leachable zinc.

Confidential Site – Indiana2023-08-23T15:07:54+00:00

Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana2023-08-24T16:53:47+00:00

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana

Excavation along with in-situ EnviroBlend remediation

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana2023-08-24T17:15:46+00:00

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana

Successfully treated soil with only 2 percent dosage of EnviroBlend®

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana2023-08-24T19:10:33+00:00
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