Landfills/Waste Management

Landfill Foundry – Utah

Development and implementation of a stabilization approach to treat marsh area formerly used as a shooting range.

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Foundry Company – Delaware

EnviroBlend® remediated over 5,000 tons of lead-impacted soil in-situ at an operating manufacturing facility under the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) in Delaware. Work was completed in a mixed residential and commercial area without affecting neighboring properties. Total project cost was more than 60% less than hazardous waste disposal. Interested in more stories [...]

Foundry Company – Delaware2022-01-07T20:25:05+00:00

Diamond State Salvage Superfund Site – Delaware

EnviroBlend® treated over 11,000 tons of lead-hazardous soil ex-situ at a former salvage yard. A low dosage rate resulted in reduced cost for transportation and disposal of treated soil. Treated material was disposed of off-site in a Subtitle D and TSCA landfill. The project was completed in less than seven working days. [...]

Diamond State Salvage Superfund Site – Delaware2022-01-11T02:42:20+00:00

Pre-Regulatory Landfill Closure – North Carolina

Soil was treated on site to optimize cost and disposed off site. Land was purchased by the town for a Greenspace and nature path.

Pre-Regulatory Landfill Closure – North Carolina2022-01-11T02:49:56+00:00
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