EnviroBlend clients find that their total waste management costs are reduced by 50%-90% with the use of EnviroBlend at their site or facility.

Significantly Lower Costs on Total Costs Basis

When evaluating treatment and disposal options for waste(s), there are many factors that need to be considered to determine total treatment costs:

  1. Total cost of reagent – based on cost per treated ton
  2. Hazardous disposal costs vs. Non-Hazardous disposal cost
  3. Bulking factor – how much weight of reagent and weight of water will you be adding to the waste?
  4. Transportation costs – based on weight and volume of treated waste
  5. Equipment costs and manpower time on site/at facility

How do we do it?

EnviroBlend is recognized for:

  • Effectiveness at very low dosage rates, keeping cost per treated ton to a minimum.
  • No water is needed to activate EnviroBlend, which ensures low bulking of waste and provides savings in transportation and disposal costs.
  • For remedial applications, EnviroBlend-treated waste has been approved for on-site reuse, eliminating disposal fees altogether.

Instead of paying expensive fees for hazardous waste disposal, you can render your waste non-hazardous with EnviroBlend treatment solutions.

Case Studies

CMC Lite Yard- Former Pesticide Production – Minnesota

Successfully treated with only 2% dosage of EnviroBlend chemistry.

Crescent City – Florida

Remediation action required for lead contamination in soil. Project was conducted by Aerostar. EnviroBlend 20/80 coarse was used to stabilize lead to TCLP standards. Interested in more stories like this? Fill out the form below for a free download. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. These case studies are examples of the extensive work [...]

Former Shooting Range – North Carolina