EnviroBlend® is a family of treatment chemicals, custom-blended to render metal-bearing wastes nonhazardous

Unlike other products, EnviroBlend technology does not conceal metal contamination via encapsulation or solidification; rather, it works to stabilize metals of concern by regulating pH and forming insoluble compounds that will not leach into the environment.

EnviroBlend treatments are right for you if you are dealing with:

  • Treatment of contaminated soil and/or groundwater
  • Treatment of heavy metal-bearing process waste and/or acid gas emissions

EnviroBlend’s technology results in stable compounds that reduce metal leaching in all reasonable disposal settings. View our extensive list of treatment capabilities here.

Clients find that their total waste management costs are reduced by 50% to 90% with the use of EnviroBlend at their site or facility.

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EnviroBlend® has been used to treat over 10 million tons of hazardous waste in a wide range of industries, ameliorating more than 100 waste streams at over 70 industrial plants as well as 600+ remedial sites.

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