NYSDEC Erie Canal Frankfort Section – New York

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) used EnviroBlend to remediate soil contaminated with cadmium and remove it offsite. TCLP levels prior to treatment were leaching above the TCLP standards. The use of EnviroBlend helped NYSDEC save $30,000 while working to restore the Erie Canal Frankfort Section in New [...]

NYSDEC Erie Canal Frankfort Section – New York2024-03-19T17:54:45+00:00

Former Industrial Site – New Jersey

Development and implementation of a stabilization approach to treat marsh area formerly used as a shooting range.

Former Industrial Site – New Jersey2024-03-19T17:54:46+00:00

Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

Automobile Parts Manufacturer – Indiana2024-03-19T17:53:10+00:00

Marina Cliffs Barrel Site – Illinois

Performed the project at one half the cost of the alternative

Marina Cliffs Barrel Site – Illinois2024-03-19T17:53:11+00:00

Philotechnics – Tennessee

Nuclear weapons manufacturing plant

Philotechnics – Tennessee2024-03-19T17:53:11+00:00

Industrial Waste Disposal NPL Site – South Carolina

Project was performed for a final cost of $7 million versus the preliminary cost estimated at $12-$25 million

Industrial Waste Disposal NPL Site – South Carolina2024-03-19T17:53:11+00:00

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana

Excavation along with in-situ EnviroBlend remediation

Former Tomco Wood-Preserving Site – Indiana2023-08-24T17:15:46+00:00

Former Manufacturing Site – Missouri

C Comp and D Comp samples resulted in 1,170 mg/kg and 4,900 mg/kg TCLP arsenic, respectively.

Former Manufacturing Site – Missouri2024-03-19T17:52:43+00:00

Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility – Tennessee

A dosage rate of 1% wt./wt. EnviroBlend HXD reduced arsenic leachability to 0.69 mg/L

Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Facility – Tennessee2024-03-19T17:52:43+00:00

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana

Successfully treated soil with only 2 percent dosage of EnviroBlend®

AIG Technical Services, Inc. – Indiana2024-03-19T17:52:43+00:00
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